Games tagged with "Horror"


Suburbs Suburbs
Updated 1 year ago
Interactive Game
3 3 3 1
A13+ 2nd Person Female
After moving to the suburbs with your boyfriend, you're initially convinced it was a good idea. That...

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Give Up Your Earthly Possessions

Updated 3 weeks ago
Interactive Game
60 60 88 1
A13+ 2nd Person N/A
A possessed girl stalks Dr. Sayers' country manor, as the player and artists Lue Cypher and Kane...

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The Asylum chapter 1

The Asylum chapter 1 The Asylum chapter 1
Updated 2 months ago
Interactive Game
8 8 11 1
A13+ 1st Person Male
you and your friend Pete are determined to find his sister Rebecca in an abandoned Asylum, not...

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