The Call for Revolution The Call for Revolution

The Call for Revolution

Version 0.1.0 (Latest)
The year is 2250, a time of great unrest and injustice. You find yourself right in the middle of the conflict, hunted by the government due to your past. When the soldiers find your hideout, you have to run for your life. Your only companion: The mysterious young woman Nine. The Characters: Nine: Nine is one of your three companions, the only ones who survived the escape from the correction centre together with you. She’s always by your side, the most loyal of friends. She has a cybernetic arm and visible implants on her head. She’s tough and usually cheerful despite the horrors you lived through. Whenever she’s scared, you know things are bad. You: Your name is Seven and you’re part of project: Cataclysm. Or rather you were and now you are one of the four people who survived the experiment and managed to escape the government’s correction centre. You’re running from the authorities and together with your companions you try to spark a revolution that is meant to bring justice to an unjust world.
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