horned beast kanina

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New Gyou walk in she screams because of a ghost taking over her sister's body someone calls 911 they said it was witchcraft over her being possessed and repossessed after it was done her soul was completely gone it was just the bones after Halloween was something outside watching her window that couldn't speak who's serving the illuminati that is forced to take souls away on every Halloween that night probably more with a strange noise back to back asleep. victim sees nothing but horns attacking her And everytime you post something naturally weird you become the Beast dinner the half kanina the flush eater and half human. kanina while the Hunter is helping the victim that is running all over the horned human beast kanina decided To eat half her sister's body while the parents rush to there daughter Vanessa Norfolk door to open it her body was ripped apart and bloody parts was missing from her far away from their house a hunter shot it with three rounds left their daughter handicap to the puzzle Of being fed upon by the beast as the girl starts to dream overlooking the accident that occurred. she sleeps but wakes in school at her desk with it standing right in front of her as she steps To challenge it as a ghost
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