Managing Games

Releasing Games

When your game is ready to be released (so that others can play and/or download your game on Games Create), you'll want to head over to the release game form which can be found by selecting the Save & Release button from within the editor, or from the My Games page under Edit > [Version] > Release.

Making Your Game Private

Released games are not private and can played and/or downloaded by anyone visiting Games Create. We are working on features to allow you to provide access to your game only for certain people, however you do have the option to Save & Download your game directly from the Games Create Editor, without needing to release the game on (you'll need to upgrade to the premium plan to enable this feature).

The Approval Process

After releasing your game (or making changes to it), you may need to wait for it to be approved before others can access it. Games awaiting approval are in a queue to be checked. If we detect any problems or issues with your game, we'll let you know so you can make the necessary changes. The approval process should take 24-48 hours but may take longer depending on how many games are in the queue.

Creating New Versions

After you have released the latest version of your game and it's been approved, you may create a new version of your game. To create a new version, go to the My Games page and select Create New Version under Edit > [Version].

Tip: Try to add new content to every version to impress your players and keep them coming back for more.


To keep things simple, Games Create uses it's own method for choosing version names for your games - we call it automatic semantic versioning. Each time you release a game, we'll automatically determine an appropriate version name for you.

Reminder: We handle versioning automatically for you - so you don't need to worry about it!

The format of semantic versioning is MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. Simply increase either the MAJOR, MINOR or PATCH number in a subsequent game version by 1. For example, if your last game was version 0.1.0 and you've made MAJOR changes to it in the new version, then the new version will be 1.1.0.

We've decided to have all first release games start at version 0.1.0, since most first release games initial contents will likely be MINOR.

Editing Games

To make other changes to your game, including editing, unreleasing and/or deleting a game version, go to the My Games page and select from the available options under Edit > [Version].