What is the Games Create Editor?

The Games Create Editor (GCE for short) is a powerful online tool with which you can easily create games and stories and then share them with the world, or even just your friends and family. Games and stories can be played online or downloaded through The GCE is powered by the Games Create Engine (also GCE for short) which itself is powered by awesome JavaScript frameworks, including Vue and jQuery - this means your games and stories will run on most web browsers and will look great on mobile, desktop and even consoles.

Types of games you can make

The GCE is capable of making a wide variety of games, stories and other experiences. Here are some examples:

  • Interactive Games
    Create games and stories with interactive elements.
    Recommended Formats: Interactive
  • Texting Games
    Create games and stories simulating texting between two or more characters.
    Recommended Formats: Texting
  • Pro Games
    Create games and stories with an explorable game world, interactive elements as well as simulation of texting between two or more characters.
    Recommended Formats: Pro
  • Linear Games
    Create games and stories with few or no choices.
    Recommended Formats: Interactive, Texting
  • Text-Based Games / Text-Based Adventures
    Create games and stories with a heavy focus on text content.
    Recommended Formats: Interactive, Texting, Pro
  • Multiple Choice Games
    Create games and stories with a focus on making choices.
    Recommended Formats: Interactive, Texting, Pro
  • Gamebook / Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)
    Create games and stories with a focus on text content and making choices.
    Recommended Formats: Interactive, Texting, Pro
  • Interactive Fiction / Interactive Non-Fiction
    Create games and stories which are invented (made-up) or are factual/informative.
    Recommended Formats: Interactive, Texting
  • Chat Games
    Create games and stories simulating a live chat conversation between two or more characters.
    Recommended Formats: Texting
  • Messenger Games
    Create games and stories simulating the use of a messenger app as the main focus of the gameplay.
    Recommended Formats: Texting, Pro
  • Fake Texts
    Create fake text messages or conversations between two or more characters.
    Recommended Formats: Texting

Types of games you cannot make

There are some games that the GCE is currently not capable of making. We hope to eventually make them possible though with your support. Here are some examples:

  • Visual Novels
    Originating in Japan, a visual novel is a type of interactive game with sprites, backdrops and commonly a text box containing character dialogue and narration. Although you can potentially make a visual novel with the GCE with some creativity, it would be quite difficult. We hope to add more features to aid in the creation of visual novels in future.
  • Mobile Apps
    A mobile app is an application that is built specifically for small devices, such as mobiles and tablets. Actually, it's entirely possible to play a game made with the GCE on mobile using a web browser. However, games built with the GCE cannot currently be released on an app store... as far as we know. We hope to add support for exporting games as an app in future.
  • 3D Games
    Creating 3D games requires a 3D engine, which the GCE is not. Most likely we won't be creating a 3D engine, but you never know!


The GCE includes several features to help you make great games and stories including:

  • Documentation
    An extensive guide, a live step-by-step walkthrough/tour of the editor and tips to teach you everything there is to know about the editor.
  • Visual Editor
    A visual, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.
  • Live Testing
    Test your game without leaving the editor, or test your game more in-depth in test mode.
  • Easy Navigation
    Built-in mechanisms assist with navigating your game quickly while you create it.
  • Media Manager
    Manage your game's media files easily with the built-in media manager. Upload images, add images via url and even make use of images provided by the community. Images including .gif, .png, .jpg and .jpeg are supported and can easily be added to your game.
  • Build Explorable Worlds
    Add locations to your game with navigatable maps. Available for the Pro format.
  • Customizable Choices
    Customize how choices work and appear with Actions and Conditions.
  • Movable Sections
    Move sections of your game around quickly.
  • Characters
    Easily add characters to your game, then add dialogues and messages between them to create conversations.
  • Variables
    Make your game even more interactive with variables (optional).
  • Error Detection
    The GCE will automatically detect errors and help you locate them.
  • Effects & Transitions
    Add effects and screen transitions to your game and preview them in the editor.
  • Pre-set Themes
    Choose from ready-made themes for your game. No complicated style sheets required. Add multiple themes for your players to choose from.
  • Preloader
    Have a lot of images? Load them into memory before your game begins with the preloader!
  • Download to ZIP
    Games are downloaded to ZIP format, including the game's html file (to launch the game) and any added media files.
  • Auto-Optimization
    Your game's code is optimized automatically to reduce file size.
  • Cross-Compatible
    Works on most web browsers, like Chrome, Safari and Firefox - just make sure JavaScript is enabled.


Creating a game requires that you have an account (free) and a web browser to open and use the GCE. Most web browsers are compatible, however your web browser must have javascript enabled. The GCE was optimized for the Chrome web browser and other popular web browsers are expected to work just fine, excluding some older browsers including Internet Explorer. Please note that your game's appearance may vary depending on which web browser it is viewed in.