Q. How can I open my game in the editor?

A. Visit the My Games page under your account and use the dropdown menu to select the version of the game you wish to open in the editor.

Q. Why can't I open my game in the editor?

A. You may only open your game in the editor when it is not currently released. If you need to make changes to your game in the editor, make sure it is unreleased first. Alternatively, you may create a new version of your game.


Q. What are area and location links?

A. When you have more than 1 top-level location, area links will be displayed allowing players to move between them. Location links are locations within your current location (area) and are used to travel locally in-game.

Q. Map sub-location names are too small. Can I change this?

A. When using very large map images, you may find that map sub-location names are too small. As the font size is automatically calculated, we recommend either using smaller images, or turning off map sub-location names by deselecting Show Sub-Locations Names On Maps under Settings > Locations.

Q. Can I create invisible, selectable sub-location areas on maps?

A. No. If this feature is requested often, it may be considered.


Q. Can I add a choice that doesn't go to anywhere?

A. No. Each choice must have a Go To action, so that all choices lead somewhere.

Q. Do actions and conditions resolve in order?

A. Yes. Actions and conditions are resolved in order from first to last, excluding the Go To action which is resolved after all other actions.

Q. Must all conditions be true for a choice to show?

A. Yes. If a choice has multiple conditions and any of them are not true, then the choice will not show.


Q. Can I access my media outside of the editor?

A. No. Media is intended only for use as a part of the editor. If you need to make changes to your media, you must do so via the editor. We may work on features at a later stage that enable you to make changes to your media outside of the editor.

Q. I need to remove public media from the editor for legal reasons. What should I do?

A. Please contact us for assistance.

Known Issues

Q. Images that are changed/replaced are not updating - the old image still appears?

A. Your web browser is caching the old image which is why it still appears even though you changed/replaced the image. To solve this problem, you'll need to force your browser to re-download the image. First, Save your game and then follow any steps necessary to bypass your cache. For example, in most web browsers you can do this with the hotkey CTRL + F5.

Q. Parts of the editor are going off-screen or invisible - what can I do?

A. For most users this won't be an issue, however there are some visual limitations that we are aware of (mainly to do with the tree view in the editor). We recommend working on desktop rather than mobile. You may also expand the editor width under Settings > Editor Preferences > Auto-Width.

Q. The Undo and Redo hotkeys aren't working as expected?

A. The text editor used to add text to sections sometimes has difficulty when attempting to Undo and Redo. This is due to some limitations of the text editor. We hope to improve the text editor over time.

Other Questions

Please note that there is also a Site FAQ with additional questions and answers. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us.